Welcome to JonIvanGill.com

Currently, I’m taking a break from my Heidegger reading and going over a rap recording I did last week for an upcoming single. This is me. Art and philosophy intertwined and inseparable. It is a joy to mix them in my burgeoning intellectual academic and musical projects. Thank you for not only visiting jonivangill.com but also expressing an interest in the several facets of my work. Give the page a thorough look from the “About” to “Courses” sections and back again. I look forward to having you in a philosophical/theological course or Pocket that I will be leading, producing a piece of music for your personal or commercial use, or learning something from you as you contribute to my wordpress discussions. This is just an introduction, a step of a journey that you and I share in the most adventurous ideas in philosophy of religion, theology, and art. Stay tuned, and come back soon.

Jon Ivan Gill