Tempestuous Waters


The knight of the soul is extremely dark. And this will be the last sign of my alternative destiny. What am I referring to? No importa.


I live within waves of flesh and spirit, wandering and never resting. This academic life throws such angst upon you. Especially those of us who are in wildernesses where stable jobs are like an oasis amidst aridity. And they never appear. But water is there. And I swim.

Running from school to school to half teach before I have to go to another school is actually more of a pedagogue to me than I am to those I “teach.” The dams are severely damaged. The torrential waterfalls wash my soul away. It is a broken cistern with eyes shut to never see the reversal of its cracks. The universities who control the flow would rather we nearly drown perpetually, lifiting us out of the Baphometic baptism for their benefits, right before they are forced to act on behalf of ours. I speak through the lightest of dark glasses at will. If I were to twist the hue further south, the skies would draw an apocalypse and death life as a trade off for the hurricane of my melancholia. The water still pours. The water is there. And I swim.

The pen breaks as I write notes in chapters I’ve read scores of times before. I obsess because I think my lectures are less. Sorry. I had to stop. This rapper is wack. Thrett and I were just laughing. The store and its discos imparts smiles on my several spirits. I am a multiplicity. I come from many waters. I will return to many waters. I am many waters. Therefore, this dark knight of  the soul will be reduced to page, this black and brown brow will eventually rest in the shade, because I am only being tested by the oceans from which I was made.

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